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PBK Championship Series Club Race – NIGHT RACE

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Our next PBK Championship Series Club Race happens Saturday, November 12 and will be a NIGHT RACE!!! Track goes hot at 4 PM sharp.

Open Practice for this event happens on Friday, Nov. 11 from 1 – 9 PM.

For this event, all FOUR-CYCLE ENGINES are welcome! All karts need to have full-width rear bumpers, as per 2016 WKA Regulations. Four-cycles will run together in one class. Should we have a high number of entries, we may split into different classes. Even if drivers run in one class only, scoring will still be done by class.

All Vintage Karts are welcome! Vintage Karts will run together in one class and do NOT need full-width rear bumpers. Vintage Karts must have been manufactured between 1956 and 1985. More info on

All TaG Karts are welcome! Rotax Pre-Evo engines will run in the ROTAX class. ROK, IAME Leopard or x30, Easy Karts, etc.

All Shifter Packages are welcome also!

As long as karts meet current safety standards, you can race it! Again, even if classes are run together, drivers will be scored according to their kart’s engine class.

Kid Karts are also encouraged to come out here for the race. This is an exhibition class, which will not be timed or scored. Entry is only $40 for this class.

Open Tires and Fuel. We will have Bridgestone YLR in stock for your convenience, as well as VP MS98 Fuel in 5-gallon pails. Motul 2T Synthetic Oil will also be in inventory.

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