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Palm Beach Karting is happy to announce that club racing is back on the schedule, with the newly formed Karting Challenge of Florida Presented by Vortex Engines and Bridgestone Tires!

2018 Karting Challenge of Florida Championship

6 Round series with 1 drop

10 Bonus points for participating in all 6 rounds


Round 1 – May 5, 2018 *Postponed
Round 2 – May 6, 2018 *Postponed
Round 3 – June 3, 2018 *Postponed
Round 4 – July 8, 2018 *Doubleheader
Round 5 – September 16, 2018 *Doubleheader
Round 6 – October 21, 2018
Enduro, Awards Banquet and Dinner – December 22, 2018

(*NOTE: Points will be added only on Final Races)



You can pre-register by downloading this form REGISTRATION FORM and sending it back to Ursula Ustariz at Questions can also be directed to Ursula via email or phone to (407) 476-5635.

Registration will be open from 7AM – 9:30 AM in the main building for pre-registered drivers as well as on-site registration.

The Club Race entry fee is $75, second class is $40, and includes driver and mechanic band.
Spectator passes are free. Transponder rentals are $15.



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Track rules:

Pit space is free. For overnight camping call PBK for information.

A full list of Parks and Recreation rules and regulations can be found in  TRACK RULES

The following vehicle types are prohibited on PBIR property at all times:

a. Skateboards,bicycles and mini bikes
b. Scooters and “Razor” style scooters
c. Inline / roller skates
d. “Wheeled” sneakers or “Healies”
e. Wagons


Live Timing & Race Results

You can following the live timing for PBK club races at Race Monitor.



Race Format






*Schedule is subject to change based on participation.

2018 Point System

Championship Race Day Format:

Gates open 6:30 am

2 Practice Sessions

Qualify: 8 MINUTES

Pre-final: Micro/Mini 8 laps – Juniors and up 10 laps

Final: Micro/Mini 10 laps – Juniors and up 12 laps




Race Tires

ROK: All classes will be allowed to use 1 SET BRIDGESTONE ROK, new or used, for the entire race day and tires will be stamped at Qualifying. If rain race is declared, RAIN TIRES are open, new or used.

Briggs: JR-1, Red Slide, 4.5 YDS; JR-2, Yellow slide, 4.5/7.1 YDS; and SR, Stock Slide, 4.5/7.1 YDS


Each ROK class series champion will receive a Florida Winter Tour ‘Series Ticket’ for free entry to the complete 2019 program, while all class champions in each Briggs divisions will receive a free series entry to the 2019 Karting Challenge of Florida program. Other awards and prizes will be handed out during the year.

Race awards for all seven ROK classes and all Briggs classes include trophies for places 1-3. Additionally, each ROK class will have one set of ROK race tires raffled at each race.





Race Classes

ROK Cup USA classes will be Micro ROK, Mini ROK, Junior ROKSenior ROK, Masters ROK, Shifter ROK and Shifter Masters ROK. Briggs LO2016 classes will be JR-1, JR-2, and SR.

Spec Fuel & Oil

  • VP C-12, Motul Grand Prix for all ROK Classes.
  • Pump gas from Shell station on Beeline Highway, 91 Octane for all Briggs Classes.

Class Weights

Class Age Weight
Micro ROK 7-9 230 lbs
Mini ROK 8-12 245 lbs
Junior ROK 12-15 330 lbs
Senior ROK 15+ 360 lbs
Masters ROK 32+ (or 190+ Body Weight) 380 lbs
Shifter ROK 15+ 385 lbs
Shifter Masters ROK 32+ (or 190+ Body Weight) 405 lbs
Briggs LO206 JR-1 7-11  265 lbs
Briggs LO206 JR-2 12-15  310 lbs
Briggs LO206 SR 15+  375 lbs

Class Kart Numbers

  • Micro ROK – 1 – 99
  • Mini ROK – 100 – 199
  • Junior ROK – 200 – 299
  • Senior ROK – 300 – 399
  • Masters ROK – 600 – 699
  • Shifter ROK – 400 – 499
  • Shifter Masters ROK – 500 – 599
  • Briggs: No Specific Kart Numbers Required

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