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Palm Beach Karting is happy to announce that club racing is back on the schedule!

2017 [TENTATIVE] Race dates:



MAY 28






You can pre-register by downloading this form and sending it back to
Registration will be open from 7AM – 8AM in the main building for pre-registered drivers as well as on-site registration.

The Club Race entry fee is $75, and it includes driver and mechanic band.
Spectators passes are $10. Transponder rentals are $15.
Pit space is free.

Palm Beach Karting will have ROK engines available for rental, contact us at for details and pricing.

*Please note: these are TENTATIVE race dates. They are subject to change at any time. We do our best at  divulging the information as soon as we have it.

Live Timing & Race Results

You can following the live timing for PBK club races at Race Monitor.

Race Format

Track goes HOT at 9 AM sharp.

The race format will be two Practices followed by Qualifying, a Pre-Final, and the Final.

Award Ceremony after main events.

Schedule is subject to change based on participation. Track map is available for download here.

Race Tires

All classes will be allowed to use 1 SET BRIDGESTONE YLR, new or used, for the entire race day. If rain race is declared, drivers will be allowed to use 1 SET BRIDGESTONE Rain.

Race Classes

The classes will be Micro, JuniorSenior & MastersMiniShifter and Kid Karts. Classes will be broken up further based on registration numbers and engine types. TaG classes will run together but be scored separately by class and engine spec. If there are enough participants in a certain class or engine spec we will run separately.

Fuel & Oil

The standard fuel for all classes will be SUNOCO 98. All fuel must be purchased from the track. Any oil is allowed, and the parts shop will have MOTUL 2T available for sale.

Class Weights

  • Kid kart – 150
  • Micro Rok – 230
  • Micro max – 235
  • Mini Rok – 245
  • JR Rok – 330
  • Tag JR – 330
  • SR Rok – 360
  • Tag Senior Leopard – 365
  • Tag Senior X30 – 365

  • Tag Senior Rotax – 365
  • Master Rok – 380
  • Tag Masters Leopard – 405
  • Tag Masters X30 – 405
  • Tag Masters Rotax – 405
  • Open Shifter Senior – 385
  • Open Shifter Master – 405

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